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Conflict Delegation and Proxy Wars in International Security
Introductory Remarks (13:00-13:15)
• Mauro Mantovani (MILAC at ETH Zurich) and Michel Wyss (MILAC at ETH Zurich)

Panel I: Conflict Delegation and Proxies in Contemporary Civil Wars (13:15-14:40)
• Niklas Karlén (Swedish Defence University): Strategic Alignment between State Sponsors and Rebel Groups
• Giuseppe Spatafora (Oxford University): From Sponsors to Cobelligerents: When Do States Escalate Foreign Support in Civil War?
• Natalia Tellidou (European University Institute): Regional Powers and the MENA region. The Proxy War in Syria that Shaped the Balance of Power
• Jérôme Drevon (Graduate Institute): The Limits of Foreign Support for Local Insurgencies, Evidence from Syria
Chair: Assaf Moghadam (Reichman University/IDC Herzliya)

Panel II: Conflict Delegation and Proxy Wars in Comparative Perspective (14:45-16:25)
• Alexandra Stark (New America): What Do We Mean by “Proxy War?”
• Noel Anderson (University of Toronto): External Meddling in Internal War: Tracking Global Trends, 1946-2009
• Jonah Schulhofer-Wohl (Leiden University): The Lebanese Civil War and Proxy Warfare
• Ariel Ahram (Virginia Tech) & Ranj Alaaldin (Brookings): Contrasting Proxy War Strategies - Turkey and the UAE
• Arthur Stein (University of Montreal): Committed Sponsors - External Support Overtness and Insurgent Interactions with Civilians in Civil Wars
Chair: Niklas Karlén (SDU)

Panel III: The Future of Conflict Delegation and Proxy Wars (16:30-17:55)
• Kerstin Zettl (Heidelberg University): IT-Companies as Defensive Cyber-Proxies? How Democracies Play the Blame-Game in Cyber-Space
• Christopher Spearin (Royal Military College of Canada): Russian Private Military and Security Companies and Special Operations Forces: Birds of a Feather?
• Sara Plana (MIT): How States Control Groups
Chair: Vladimir Rauta (University of Reading)

Concluding Remarks (17:55-18:00)

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Sep 23, 2021 01:00 PM in Zurich

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